Bridging the Gap Between Medication Adherence & Technology

Ever calculated how much profit is lost due to unfilled prescription orders? It is projected that revenue loss for non-adherence is estimated to be $564 billion. Medication non-adherence is one of the most serious problems in healthcare, posing a heavy financial impact.

For pharmacies, keeping patients in compliance is important to their well-being and the pharmacy’s bottom line. If patients do not take their medications properly, the ramifications can be disastrous, leading to poor health, worsening of disease states, and increased hospitalizations. Technology-based tools run the gambit in their ability to help improve medication adherence while encouraging patients to stick to their prescriptions and complete abandoned refill orders.


Here are four technology solutions all pharmacies should consider when it comes to improving medication adherence:

KPPA_Bridging Gap Between Technology and Medication Adherence