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The procedure starts with the removal of the patients blood, which is centrifuged to isolate the white blood cells. The drug is typically administered directly to the white blood cells after they have been removed from the patient (referred to as ex vivo administration) but the drug can alternatively be administered directly to the patient before the white blood cells are withdrawn. Effective April 8, 1988, Medicare provides coverage for: Palliative treatment of skin manifestations of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma that has not responded to other therapy. Effective December 19, 2006, Medicare also provides coverage for: Patients with acute cardiac allograft rejection whose disease is refractory to standard immunosuppressive drug treatment; and, Patients with chronic graft versus host disease whose disease is refractory to standard immunosuppressive drug treatment. The required clinical study must adhere to the following standards of scientific integrity and relevance to the Medicare population: a. The principal purpose of the research study is to test whether extracorporeal photopheresis potentially improves the participants health outcomes. The research study is sponsored by an organization or individual capable of successfully executing the proposed study. The research study has a written protocol that clearly addresses, or incorporates by reference, the standards listed here as Medicare requirements for coverage with evidence development. The research study protocol must explicitly discuss subpopulations affected by the treatment under investigation, particularly traditionally underrepresented groups in clinical studies, how the inclusion and exclusion criteria effect enrollment of these populations, and a plan for the retention and reporting of said populations on the trial. The research study protocol explicitly discusses how the results are or are not expected to be generalizable to the Medicare population to infer whether Medicare patients may benefit from the intervention. Nationally Non-Covered Indications All other indications for extracorporeal photopheresis not otherwise indicated above as covered remain non covered. Other Claims processing instructions can be found in chapter 32, section 190 of the Medicare Claims Processing Manual. Granulocytopenia is usually identified as fewer than 500 granulocytes/mm whole blood. The cooling may be done by packing the scalp with ice-filled bags or bandages, or by specially designed devices filled with cold-producing chemicals activated during chemotherapy. While ice-filled bags or bandages or other devices used for scalp hypothermia during chemotherapy may be covered as supplies of the kind commonly furnished without a separate charge, no separate charge for them would be recognized. Homologous Blood Transfusion Homologous blood transfusion is the infusion of blood or blood components that have been collected from the general public. Autologous Blood Transfusion An autologous blood transfusion is the precollection and subsequent infusion of a patients own blood. Donor Directed Blood Transfusion A donor directed blood transfusion is the infusion of blood or blood components that have been precollected from a specific individual(s) other than the patient and subsequently infused into the specific patient for whom the blood is designated. For example, patient Bs brother predeposits his blood for use by patient B during upcoming surgery. Perioperative Blood Salvage Perioperative blood salvage is the collection and reinfusion of blood lost during and immediately after surgery. Policy Governing Transfusions For Medicare coverage purposes, it is important to distinguish between a transfusion itself and preoperative blood services;. Medically necessary transfusion of blood, regardless of the type, may generally be a covered service under both Part A and Part B of Medicare. Coverage does not make a distinction between the transfusion of homologous, autologous, or donor-directed blood. With respect to the coverage of the services associated with the preoperative collection, processing, and storage of autologous and donor-directed blood, the following policies apply. In a situation where the hospital operates its own blood collection activities, rather than using an independent blood supplier, the costs incurred to collect autologous or donor-directed blood are recorded in the whole blood and packed red blood cells cost center. Because the blood has been replaced, Medicare does not recognize a charge for the blood itself. Under its provider agreement, a hospital is required to furnish or arrange for all covered services furnished to hospital patients.

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The data do not suggest whether these outcomes are related to specific differences in exposure or testing conditions, or simply represent chance. However, some studies have suggested possible molecular mechanisms for the observed effects, but none of these has been substantiated through independent replication. Further behavioural studies could prove useful to resolve this situation, and it is suggested that these studies should use a consistent animal model with standardized exposure and testing protocols, and with detailed dosimetry provided by heterogeneous, anatomically-realistic animal models. Exposure led to testicular lipid peroxidation, decreased catalase and glutathione peroxidase activities and triggered nuclear factor-kappa B p65, inducible nitric oxide synthase, cyclooxygenase-2 and caspase-3 overexpression. Histological and histomorphometric analysis of the testes supported all biochemical findings. Non-exposed rats were placed in the same device with exposure off, used in similar environmental conditions. Interaction of low frequency external electric fields and pancreatic cell: a mathematical modeling approach to identify the influence of excitation parameters. Besides the complexity of biological systems, the parameters of the applied electromagnetic field have not been estimated in most of the experiments. A mathematical model of the human cell has been used and the effects of external electric fields with different amplitudes, frequencies and wave shapes have been studied. Furthermore, our simulations reveal that different waveforms have distinct effects on the cell membrane electrical activity and the characteristic features of the excitation like frequency would change the interaction mechanism. Abstract Occupational exposure to electromagnetic fields is a known risk factor and considered the most complicated physical hazard in the workplace. The legislation requires measures to be taken to reduce exposure and to mitigate risks in order to guarantee worker safety. Assessing risks in the electromagnetic domain is a challenge as whole extent of the health implications of different types and forms of exposure is unknown. The research addressed current practices and rules of managing safety from electromagnetic fields. Safety compliance analyses were conducted with regard to legislative requirements. This endeavor was guided by the new requirements for health and safety with regard to electromagnetic fields. Investigations also revealed that industrial workers are exposed to high levels of magnetic radiation from production devices that to a large extent is unnecessary. By following the technical and administrative intervention solutions developed by the author, the workers exposure could be drastically reduced. Contributing to safety education of both the workers and the working environment specialists will have a positive effect on safety compliance and other related safety issues within the company. In comparison to workers, working environment specialists also reported better addressing the needs of workers in risk groups. There are several steps the worker can take to control his/her overall exposure without significant additional effort or expense. Areas covered: A de-novo keyword search strategy identified and characterized the 100 most-cited trials. Articles were published between 2008 and 2014 in 50 different journals with a median impact factor of 6. Almost half of the top cited papers were investigating mechanisms of action in healthy subjects. Seven articles were interlinked with another article by at least 25 citations and eight authors had collaborated with at least one other author. The observed biological effects were dependent on the duration of exposure, and the maximum alterations were found upon 4 h of exposure. Maternal Cell Phone Use During Pregnancy, Pregnancy Duration And Fetal Growth In Four Birth Cohorts. Abstract Previous studies evaluating potential effects of prenatal exposure to radiofrequency fields from cell phones on birth outcomes are inconsistent. We explored if maternal cell phone use was associated with pregnancy duration and fetal growth. We used information from 55,507 pregnant women and their children from Denmark (1996-2002), the Netherlands (2003-2004), Spain (2003-2008) and Korea (2006-2011). Based on self-reported number of cell phone calls per day, exposure was grouped as none, low (reference level), intermediate, and high.

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In general, seizures a better reduction in seizures at 3 months (Kossof remain greatly improved and do not return to the et al. Tere are some diets are more appropriate (see chapter on modi electroclinical epilepsy syndromes, such as infan fed diets). Symposium for Dietary Treatments of Epilepsy Higher ketogenic diet ratios confer protection and Other Neurological Disorders, (Matthews from seizures without neurotoxicity. Efcacy of the Atkins diet A prospective study in 34 children and adults with as therapy for intractable epilepsy. Is hospitalization really necessary seizure control improve by switching from the during the introduction of the ketogenic diet Efcacy and tolerability of the keto Epilepsy and Other Disorders, 5th edition genic diet according to lipid:nonlipid ratios: com (New York: Demos Medical Publishing). Risk of seizure recurrence afer achieving initial Alternative diets to the classical ketogenic diet: can seizure freedom on the ketogenic diet. A comparison of the for the treatment of pyruvate dehydrogenase com ability of a 4:1 ketogenic diet and a 6. Hypoglycorrhachia results in an epileptic erythrocytes are available on a research basis only encephalopathy and movement disorder. Glut1 def defciency syndrome respond to the modifed ciency syndrome 2013: current state of the art. Efects of ketogenic widely variable onset are a key feature of familial diet on vascular function. In this era of molecular specifcity, the arrival of phenytoin and subsequent anticon it seems counterintuitive to dwell on such a het vulsant medications, it continued to be used mainly erogeneous group. And indeed, increasing surgi in pediatrics, and primarily under the auspices of cal prowess and advancing ability to defne specifc Dr. Afer the development of waves of new larly based therapies will continue to chip away anticonvulsant medications that were associated at this broad group. Over the years, multiple case tice, patients presenting with refractory epilepsy series, describing cases achieving remarkable and constitute exactly this mixed group of patients. Alternative and fnally a randomized controlled study was approaches, such as surgery for patients with conducted in London, again supporting the ef amenable lesions, and neurostimulation and/or cacy of this treatment in children with refractory diet manipulation for others, are available in this epilepsies (Neal et al. At to diet therapy in advance, instead of having to this point, in 2000, a review of 11 reports on diet anticipate ~50% failure to achieve a useful seizure efcacy, including the two cited prospective stud reduction. Unfortunately, though many studies ies, cosponsored by the BlueCross and Blue Shield and reports attempt to identify predictors, small association, stated, it is unlikely that this degree of study size, lack of control groups, heterogeneous beneft can result from a placebo response and/or diagnostic groups, and rarity of specifc epilepsy spontaneous remission and therefore concluded, syndromes have all limited the ability to reliably the evidence is sufcient to determine that the identify these factors. No factor had with a matched group treated with ketogenic diet strong evidence for a positive or negative response 3 months later, improving the quality of evidence to diet. Strong evidence for absence of efect is also in support of diet efcacy (Neal et al. This chap than half of reported cases) exists for age of sei ter covers the most common four conditions, for zure onset, age at diet initiation, time from seizure which there are sufcient data to recommend the onset to diet initiation, seizure frequency, diet ketogenic diet as potentially very helpful. Early diet initiation is associated with persistent exacer and efective treatment of this seizure type is con bation of seizures beyond the initiation itself. Diet sidered the best chance for normal developmen withdrawal is appropriate in this setting. Notably, in this retrospective cohort of untreated 43 Chapter 6: Ketogenic Diet in Established Epilepsy Indications 43 infants ~90% sufered moderate to severe devel usefully an association of spasm response and opmental impairment at follow-up, an average of other seizure response in these patients (p =. In an Asian treatments, or if their use is contraindicated for population, 9 of 43 patients discontinued the diet any reason. Among the 104 patients described by Hong Overall, 64% had a 50% reduction in seizures, et al. Eight of 13 (62%) patients on diet therapy in spasms was noted within 1 month of start became seizure-free at a median of 6. They noted than symptomatic cases, but no other predictor 44 44 section I: Ketogenic Diet for Epilepsy in the Clinic emerged from their series (Eun et al. Twenty were steroid-resistant, may allow reduction of medication burden and three steroid-dependent. Tere is a higher mortality in children of persistent vomiting, one of whom was also with this syndrome (Genton et al.

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Previously frozen milk thawed for 24 hours should not be left at room temperatures for more than a few hours because of its reduced ability to inhibit bacterial growth. When using human milk in neonatal care units, it is essential to have policies and procedures for storing the milk, appropriately identifying the milk, and checking the milk before giving it to an infant (see also Milk and Formula Preparation Areas in Chapter 2). Banked Donor Milk Banked human milk may be a suitable alternative for infants whose mothers are unable or unwilling to provide their own milk. Human milk banks in North America follow national guidelines for quality control of screening and testing of donors and pasteurize all milk before distribution. Fresh human milk from unscreened donors is not recommended because of concerns about infectious disease transmission. Women who donate milk for other newborns should be interviewed carefully regarding past and current infectious diseases, use of drugs and medications, and other factors that may impair the quality or safety of the milk that they provide. These tests should be repeated periodically for donors who continue to provide milk or who seek reinstatement as a donor. The potential risks should be explained to mothers whose newborns are to receive donated milk. Use of Formula Milk Preparations If a mother chooses not to breastfeed or is medically unable to breastfeed her infant, the infant may be prescribed a standard infant formula. Appropriate hospital committees and the director of the newborn nursery should review the compo nents and reported benefits of marketed formula-milk preparations before their use. For mothers who intend to breastfeed their newborns, direct marketing and distribution of formula packages on discharge should be discouraged. For mothers who intend to feed their newborns with a milk formula, the distribu tion of formula marketing packages on discharge should be consistent with the written discharge orders. These need not be refriger ated and may be stored in a convenient, clean, cool area. If there is a special area where nipples are uncapped and placed on the bottle, it should be kept very clean and should be used only for formula preparation, donor human milk, or expressed milk handling. The formula and nipple unit should be used as soon as possible, certainly within 4 hours after the bottle is uncapped, and then discarded. Vitamin and Mineral Supplementation Vitamin D the vitamin D content of human milk is low, and rickets can occur in deeply pigmented breastfed infants or in those with inadequate exposure to sunlight. Adequate exposure to sunlight is difficult to guarantee and supplementation at the recommended dose is safe. To prevent rickets and vitamin D deficiency in healthy infants, a vitamin D intake of at least 400 international units per day has been recommended. Formula fed infants do not need vitamin D supplementation unless they are consistently ingesting less than 1 liter per day of vitamin D fortified formula. Approximately 50% of the iron in breast milk is absorbed by newborns who are breastfed exclusively. Breastfed and partially breastfed infants who receive human milk as more than half their daily feedings should be given supple mental elemental iron (1 mg/kg/day) starting at 4 months of age. Formula-fed newborns should be placed on iron-containing milk formulas that contain 12 mg of elemental iron per liter. Term newborns consuming commercial milk formulas do not need vitamin and mineral supplementation for the first 6 months of life. Care of the Newborn 295 Preventive Care Immunization ^353^367 Hepatitis B Each hospital should establish procedures to assess the newborns status regard ing hepatitis exposure and timely, appropriate intervention and immunization (see also Hepatitis B Virus in Chapter 10). Palivizumab should be administered for respiratory syncytial virus prophylaxis when indicated (see also Respiratory Syncytial Virus in Chapter 10). Newborn Screening Newborn screening programs are mandated, state-based public health programs that provide newborns in the United States with presymptomatic testing and necessary follow-up care for a variety of medical conditions. The goal of these essential public health programs is to decrease morbidity and mortality by 296 Guidelines for Perinatal Care screening for disorders for which early intervention will improve neonatal and long-term health outcomes for the individual. Newborn Blood Spot Screening Almost all states have adopted the 2010 Recommended Uniform Screening Panel suggested by the U.

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Entrapment and suffocation are factors, too: an infant could wedge between the cushions, or be accidentally suffocated by another person sharing the surface. Swanson, How to Help Teething Symptoms without Medications, American Academy of Pediatrics, last modified November 15, 2015. Department of Health and Human Services, Public Health Service, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, last modified September 2014. Abrams, Fruit Juice in Infants, Children, and Adolescents: Current Recommendations, Pediatrics 139, no. Mangels, Position of the American Dietetic Association: Vegetarian Diets, Journal of the American Dietetic Association 109, no. Amit, Vegetarian Diets in Children and Adolescents, Pediatrics & Child Health 15, no. Messina, Considerations in Planning Vegan Diets: Infants, Journal of the American Dietetic Association 101, no. Gremse, and Section on Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition, Gastroesophageal Reflux: Management Guidance for the Pediatrician, Pediatrics 131, no. Mavroudi, Constipation in Childhood: An Update on Evaluation and Management, Hippokratia 19, no. Hill, Infant Constipation, American Academy of Pediatrics, last modified November 21, 2015, Flegal, Changes in Terminology for Childhood Overweight and Obesity, National Health Statistics Reports no. Hassink, and the Committee on Nutrition, The Role of the Pediatrician in Primary Prevention of Obesity, Pediatrics 136, no. Shu, Sleeping by the Book, American Academy of Pediatrics, last modified November 21, 2015. Jana, Practical Pacifier Principles, American Academy of Pediatrics, last modified November 21, 2015. Zachry, Toy Selection Tips, American Academy of Pediatrics, last modified September 30, 2013. Infants and toddlers need physical activity in order to grow and develop properly, as well as to enhance overall health and maintain appropriate body weight. This development continues in the toddler stage as they learn to walk, run, jump, and climb. Avoid rough play such as jiggling an infant on the knee or throwing the infant in the air. Why Physical Activity the development of motor skills, but also sets the Is Important stage for an infant to develop social skills in later life. Physical activity must begin naturally in early infancy and continue throughout life. Parents and Maintaining Weight caregivers should begin supporting an infants the role of early activity and motor skills active lifestyle as early as the infants second month development in preventing pediatric overweight is of life. However, overweight concerns have important milestones, like sitting up and crawling. Being overweight5 mat under suspended toys to practice kicking and leads to delayed gross motor development as well reaching, or parents or caregivers can put a toy just as susceptibility to obesity at later stages of life. The weight of the mother rolling over, lifting arms overhead, pulling to stand, has much to do with this. The earlier a child becomes overweight activity serves as the basis for skillful movement in later and the longer he or she maintains the excess childhood and adulthood, when a variety of activities weight, the greater is the childs risk of obesity in can include sports, dance, and other exercise. Studies have development, which will affect a childs ability to shown that physical activity helps build strong perform sports and other exercise during childhood 10 bones and muscles in children and adolescents. Any activity causes bones and muscle cells to reproduce, so starting an active routine in infancy Ensuring Overall Health sets the stage for this benefit. By building contributes to an infants overall healthy body muscle, heart, and lung strength, activity gradually development and ability to fight disease. Motor Skill Development In early infancy, movement is controlled by Social Benefits involuntary reflexes, but as muscles develop, infants Physical activity also aids in the development of are gaining control of voluntary movements.

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The locked-in syndrome may be mistaken for abulia, akinetic mutism, coma, and catatonia. Patients may be unaware of their impaired output (anosognosia) due to a failure of self-monitoring. Logorrhoea may be observed in subcortical (thalamic) aphasia, usually fol lowing recovery from lesions (usually haemorrhage) to the anterolateral nuclei. It is often possible to draw a clinical distinction between motor symptoms resulting from lower or upper motor neurone pathology and hence to formulate a differential diagnosis and direct investigations accordingly. Macula splitting, a homonymous hemianopia which cuts through the verti cal meridian of the macula, occurs with lesions of the optic radiation. Cross References Alien hand, Alien limb; Forced groping; Gait apraxia; Grasp reex Main daccoucheur Main daccoucheur, or carpopedal spasm, is a posture of the hand with wrist exion in which the muscles are rigid and painful. Main daccoucheur is so called because of its resemblance to the posture of the hand adopted for the manual delivery of a baby (obstetrical hand). Cross Reference Charcot joint Man-in-a-Barrel Man-in-a-barrel is a clinical syndrome of brachial diplegia with preservation of brainstem function and of muscle strength in the legs. A neurogenic man-in-a-barrel syndrome has been reported (ail arm syn drome), which is a variant of motor neurone disease. Likewise, bilateral neural gic amyotrophy can produce an acute peripheral man-in-a-barrel phenotype. Peripheral man-in-the-barrel syndrome: two cases of acute bilateral neuralgic amyotrophy. Cross References Flail arm; Quadriparesis, Quadriplegia Marche a Petit Pas Marche a petit pas is a disorder of gait characterized by impairments of balance, gait ignition, and locomotion. Particularly there is shortened stride (literally marche a petit pas) and a variably wide base. This gait disorder is often associated with dementia, frontal release signs, and urinary incontinence, and sometimes with apraxia, parkinsonism, and pyramidal signs. The swinging ashlight sign or test may be used to demonstrate this by comparing direct and consensual pupillary light reexes in one eye. Normally the responses are equal but in the presence of an afferent conduction defect an inequality is manifest as pupillary dilatation. The mechanism is presumed to be stretch-induced conduction block, due to demyelinated plaques or other pathologies, in the cor ticospinal tracts. Cross References Lhermittes sign; Myelopathy Medial Medullary Syndrome the medial medullary syndrome, or Dejerines anterior bulbar syndrome, results from damage to the medial medulla, most usually infarction as a consequence of anterior spinal artery or vertebral artery occlusion. Metamorphopsias are often transient and episodic, occurring, for exam ple, during migraine attacks, epileptic seizures, with psychotropic drug abuse, and following petechial intraparenchymal haemorrhages. The Amsler Chart Manual (test charts to determine the quality of central vision, by Prof. It is most often recognized in association with the extrapyramidal features of idiopathic Parkinsons disease (indeed it may be the presenting sign), but may occasionally occur with other parkinsonian syndromes. There is a poor correlation between micrographia and the side, severity, or duration of classical parkinsonian features, and its response to levodopa preparations is very variable. Micrographia has also been described following large right anterior cere bral artery infarcts and lacunar infarcts involving the putamen and genu of the internal capsule. Cross References Fast micrographia; Fatigue; Parkinsonism Micropsia Micropsia, or Lilliput sight, is an illusory phenomenon in which the size of a normally recognized object is underestimated. It is the most common form of metamorphopsia and is most often associated with lesions of the right tem poroparietal cortex, although macular oedema and optic chiasm lesions may also cause micropsia. Cross References Chorea, Choreoathetosis; Impersistence; Trombone tongue Miosis Miosis is abnormal reduction in pupillary size, which may be unilateral or bilateral.

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IgG-negative patients should avoid exposure to Toxoplasma; see Patient Education, below. Secondary prophylaxis generally should Secondary Prophylaxis be provided using the same guidelines as for nonpregnant women. Dosage adjustments may be Background required, and some combinations may be The Coccidioides species fungus is endemic contraindicated; consult with a pharmacist or to many arid regions. It also is for coccidiomycosis should be considered for endemic to many arid regions in Central lifelong chronic maintenance therapy. Tese patients should would recommend primary prophylaxis undergo close radiologic and serologic for such patients. Patients in endemic Prophylaxis During Pregnancy areas should be educated to avoid exposure. Women who acquire coccidiomycosis in the second or third trimester of pregnancy are at increased risk of dissemination. Azoles should not be used during the frst trimester of pregnancy because of teratogenicity concerns. Patients should wash Department of Health and Human Services, hands afer handling raw meat and afer Public Health Service, 2009. Such risk may occur when the diagnostic methods before initiating treatment patient knows a source patient or when the (see Assessment, below). This is sometimes referred must begin within 12 hours, so the need for to as the Mantoux test. Multiple-puncture tests proximity to a laboratory that performs the such as tine tests and the use of other strengths test imposes limits on access. Anergy calculates the amount of interferon-gamma Latent Tuberculosis Infection | 167 produced by the patients cells, providing bovis, and Mycobacterium africanum, and a quantitative result and an interpretation may yield positive results in persons with (positive, negative, or indeterminate). No fexibility in sending specimens to distant data are available to determine which test is or reference laboratories and it makes the more reliable. Treatment may be postponed until sensitivity test results are on sensitivity of available or may be based on resistance pattern of index case, if known. See text about contraindicated combinations, dosage adjustments, and substitution of rifabutin for rifampin. Experts agree that it is drugs, and dosage adjustments or important to follow those with presumed latent treatment modifcations may be required. Coadministration clinical monitoring for fever, fatigue, anorexia, of rifampin and maraviroc is not nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, jaundice, recommended, but may be possible peripheral neuropathy, and rash should be with appropriate dosage adjustment performed. Obtain expert should not be used in combination with consultation before treating patients with ritonavir-boosted saquinavir because of abnormal liver function or advanced liver high rates of hepatic toxicity. Before rifampin use, obtain baseline Nevertheless, rifabutin may be considered liver and renal function tests and a complete in place of rifampin for patients taking blood count. In these cases, the dosages of both rifabutin and the antiretroviral agent usually require adjustment. Review all The pyridoxine (vitamin B6) they are taking medications a patient is taking before initiating should help prevent that, but they should let rifampin and make adjustments as necessary. Alternative agents, such as rifampin well, so it is important to keep follow-up or rifabutin, should be used with caution appointments. Neonates born medications, vitamins, and supplements to women who received rifampin during with them to the clinic so that their health pregnancy should be given vitamin K (10 mg) care provider can review them and make to reduce the risk of hemorrhagic disease. Tere are approximately 400,000 smoking-related deaths annually in the United States. Tese include lung cancer, head and neck cancers, cervical and anal cancers, oral candidiasis, and oral hairy leukoplakia. Although many care providers may feel that they can do little to afect the smoking behaviors of patients, evidence suggests that brief interventions by physicians are quite efective.

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Possible severe im described in association with the late-phase cutaneous re mediate reactions would only occur during the initial imme sponse. Although the clinical relevance of reading period of intracutaneous testing could possibly persist late-phase cutaneous response is not as yet fully established, or worsen and present a clinical problem if the mediator several randomized, controlled studies suggest that reduction release was intense enough. This could occur at the same time in sizes of late-phase cutaneous response may parallel clinical as the late-phase cutaneous response might be expected to response to immunotherapy. In both safety surveys previously discussed, no evi Although the clinical relevance of late-phase cutaneous dence of life-threatening events or fatalities to late-phase response cannot yet be delineated with certainty, there has cutaneous responses has been reported. Antihistamines may been preliminary progress about some potential clinical ap offer symptomatic relief for persistent erythema and pruritus, plications. At least 4 randomized, controlled clinical trials of presumably due to histamine newly released from previously immunotherapy in patients with allergic rhinitis have shown unstimulated mast cells recruited to the lesion. If inhalation allergy is narrowly confined to a single season (eg, ragweed in North America or birch in European northern Number of Skin Tests countries), a limited number of relevant skin tests would Summary Statement 43. The number of skin tests and the suffice for confirmation of the clinical diagnosis and testing allergens selected for skin testing should be determined based to irrelevant inhalant and food allergens would be inappro on the patients age, history, environment and living condi priate. By contrast, perennial symptoms would require a more tions (eg, region of the country), occupation, and activities. Similarly, skin America may prove to be unattainable, expert consensus tests for a few drugs that cause anaphylaxis (eg, penicillin, panels have ventured opinions with the expectation that rel succinylcholine analogs) reliably predict life-threatening ana ative consistency of skin testing, including number of tests, is phylactic reactions. A history of anaphylactic reactions to a desirable goal for both clinical practice and research. There are these opinions are based on current principles regarding 6 commercially available skin test preparations for stinging constitutive allergenicity, cross-allergenicity, aerobiologic and biting insects (eg, honey bee, wasp, yellow jacket, yellow monitoring, and correlation with organ challenge testing or faced hornet, white faced hornet, and imported fire ant). Of these, there is sources should be used to determine whether specific allergen general agreement that significant indoor allergens such as tests based on pretest probability are likely to confirm a house dust mite, prevailing indoor fungal allergens (Penicil suspected clinical diagnosis. Pollens may cutaneous skin tests are important for diagnosis of inhalant also be found indoors when windows are kept open. Some clinicians prefer to initially screen with prick/ geographic variability of airborne-pollinating plants through puncture followed by intracutaneous tests if the results of the out the floristic zones of the world, particularly in North former are negative, whereas others exclusively use intracu America, raises a cogent concern about how to select the taneous tests. Initial prick/puncture screening followed by number of skin tests and treatment reagents for this class of end point intracutaneous serial titration is an accepted regi allergens. Only prick/puncture tests should be performed applicable to the selection process. Each of these situations involves the postulates regarding clinically significant pollen allergens special approaches, which will be addressed in the following originally proposed by Thommen should be satisfied: (1) discussion. For in considerable distances; and (5) the plant producing the pollen dividual patient evaluations, a larger number of skin tests is is widely and abundantly distributed. This applies to such plants as golden Although recognizing that the history may be a relatively rod, daisy, sunflower, dahlia, and rhododendron. Although insensitive predictor of clinical sensitivity in some situations, pine pollen satisfies postulates 2 to 5, it is not a clinically certain historical features serve as important pretest probabil important allergen because its constitutive allergenicity is ity guides to the numerical extent of skin tests. A cardinal principle of Thommens postulates is that fewer prick/puncture tests need to be performed in infants and skin test reactivity alone does not define clinical sensitivity. In toddlers, sensitization is more apt to known pollen season, controlled laboratory, or environmental reflect intense and prolonged exposure to allergens encoun exposure unit challenges. Cross-allergenicity among major classes must be sufficiently high to fulfill the other Thommen pos of airborne fungi has not been well delineated. Annual pollen sampling data in various regions of the these facts about cross-allergenicity are particularly ger country are available at the National Allergy Bureau web site mane to formulation of treatment extracts for a particular ( Relatively few foods account for most IgE epitopes with pollen allergens not only from other tree pol 255 mediated allergic reactions in both children and adults. Commer ularly germane to the decision about number of tests because cial fruit and vegetable extracts rapidly lose potency so many it demonstrates clearly that skin test reactivity alone cannot clinicians either prepare fresh extracts of these classes of decide the clinical significance of an allergen. This method is centage of reactions to the ornamental black locust in polli preferred to detect strain differences in fruit allergens (eg, nosis patients is ascribed to cross-sensitization to panaller 126 257 apple).


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