Keystone History

Keystone was initially incorporated in March 1996 as a subsidiary of the PARD, an Association of Community Pharmacies, a non-profit professional organization.  It grew from a committee in PARD (Non-Dues Income) that started in 1990.  By 1996 it grew to the point that we needed to initiate a For-Profit corporation so we could share administration fees with our membership.

Our present membership totals over 850 members; 350 active participating members and 500 Affiliate members that participate in only a few contracts.

Our membership consists of Independent Pharmacies primarily in Pennsylvania, but with members and affiliates in over 20 states.

Our Mission Statement reads, “To negotiate contracts at a better price than a store can do on its own.”

We presently hold over 50 contracts with vendors that sell merchandise, services and supplies used every day in our pharmacies.

While Keystone is a for-profit organization, it runs like a cooperative that shares any monies from profits with its active participating pharmacies.  In 2014, we disbursed $12,765,771.00 to our members.