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Indy Health 2021 Medicare Part D Annual Enrollment Benefit Webinar

  2021 Medicare Part D Annual Enrollment Benefit Training 9/21/2020 to 9/24/2020 Indy Health is excited to announce our webinars to review the Indy Health SaverRx and Indy Health EliteRx Plan information the week of September 21, 2020. The webinar

Refreshing Your Pharmacy on a Budget

When was the last time you spruced up your pharmacy? I’m sure your answer may come as a surprise. Updates do not have to break the bank. Fortunately, there are quite a few updates you can apply to your pharmacy

Building A Strong Pharmacist-Customer Relationship

A pharmacist’s relationship with their customers plays a defining role in how their pharmacy is perceived as a valuable resource. Independent pharmacists want their patients to feel comfortable and their pharmacy to be accessed by the community it serves. It

Have You Googled Your Pharmacy? Tips on Improving Your Rank.

Chances are you may find that your pharmacy doesn’t appear for relevant searches in your area. If you can’t find your pharmacy, then it’s time to improve your info. Providing and updating information can help your pharmacy’s local ranking on

Volunteers Needed for Clinical Trials of Vaccine for COVID-19

As the world anxiously awaits a vaccine for COVID-19, Operation Warp Speed has identified several possible candidates, all of which are in phases of testing for safety, dosing and response. Now, volunteers are needed for the clinical trials. Pharmacies can

Doctor Detailing for Independent Pharmacies

When putting a marketing plan together, independent pharmacy owners often forget about an important segment to reach out to – your local prescribers. This can be due to a variety of reasons, including not knowing what to say, feeling like

Expanding Telepharmacy Through MTM

Today, during the COVID-19 pandemic, telemedicine is evolving, and providers are regularly using telehealth to visit with patients. We are seeing many private insurers adopting rules to provide guidelines around how services are distributed and paid for. Most health insurance

4 Easy Ways for Pharmacists to Use LinkedIn

With over 560 million professionals around the globe using LinkedIn today, it is an industry standard for business-based, peer-to-peer social media platforms. It’s become a no-nonsense way for professionals to network themselves, build their brands and credibility, and cultivate thought

Public Hearing for HB941 and Medicaid Pharmacy Reimbursement

Senate Health and Human Services Committee 6/22/20, 10:00 a.m., Senate Chamber and Virtual Participation The committee held a public hearing on HB 941 and Medicaid pharmacy reimbursement. Video testimony here:  

Community Leaders Take a Stand For Local Businesses After Riots and Looting in Philadelphia

Posted by Marvin C. Knapper Jr. on Sunday, June 7, 2020

What To Do If Your Store Has Suffered a Loss

Due to the unfortunate events that have occurred over the last 24 hours in the city of Philadelphia, we have put together a list of documents and information for those stores that have suffered losses through the rioting and looting.

Re-opening Retail Pharmacy: Tips to Help You Prepare

With stay-at-home orders starting to lift, restrictions on businesses and public places easing, and states implementing re-opening phases, many pharmacies are left wondering just how their business can resume “normalcy” and open their doors back up to their patients and

Jewish-Owned Pharmacies Team Up in Philly

From every angle, the edifice of Richard Ost’s Philadelphia Pharmacy at the corner of North Front Street and East Lehigh in West Kensington is a sight to behold, one of the jewels of Philadelphia’s Mural Arts program. Artist Cesar Viveros painted bright

Local Pharmacies Make Home Deliveries For Those In Need

Local Pharmacies Team Up On Hotline

Posted on May 10, 2020 By Jack Tomczuk Philadelphia Pharmacy in Kensington is helping man a hotline for people having trouble with their medications. Mural by Cesar Viveros. PHOTO: Steve Weinik for Mural Arts Earlier this month, a woman called

PARD Press Release

Independent Pharmacy Press Release Since 1898, The PARD, an Association of Community Pharmacies (previously named the Philadelphia Association of Retail Pharmacies) has been serving our patients and been an important part of the community they serve. Their goals in the

What Independent Pharmacies are doing for Their Communities during the COVID-19 Pandemic

In these times of COVID-19, our Independent Pharmacies are on the front lines serving their patients like they have for over 100 years.  Where they use to deliver 10% of the prescriptions they dispensed, they are now delivering (FREE OF

Expired Pharmaceuticals: Tips for Getting More Money for Your Outdated Products

If your pharmacy is not efficiently managing your expired pharmaceutical returns, you could be leaving money on the shelf. In an independent community pharmacy where every dollar is important, the value of expired products can be significant. Pharmaceutical returns companies

FOX29 News Story – Independent Pharmacies and Impact of Coronavirus Pandemic

Independent Pharmacies are feeling the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Thanks to members Rich Ost and Brad Tabaac for their input in these news story.

Healthy Living and Your Pharmacy

Social distancing and stay at home orders have given us the motivation to get fit and healthy. More than ever people are outside bike riding, walking, jogging, and rollerblading (while safely maintaining the 6ft rule.) As an independent pharmacy you

We worked hard for the CARES Act. Use it.

April 3, 2020 Dear Colleague, No doubt about it, our nation, our world is experiencing extraordinary times. Community pharmacies are the safety nets helping their communities in times of crisis and during normal times. But you need help too. The

Reminder: Indy Health Webinar Details

Please use the link below to join the webinar.  Prior to joining everyone who has not signed a non-disclosure agreement must go to and fill out the non-disclosure form and contact information.  This helps us track our communications as well

Webinars on Emergency Loan for Small Business Owners

For small businesses owners who have questions about the U.S. Small Business Administration’s emergency loan, you can join one of the following webinars offered at 9:00 AM this week that still have open spots: April 1: April 2:

Indy Health Webinar April 16, 2020 at 7:15 PM

PARD and IPBG has been in communication with Indy Health to identify a Medicare Part D plan that is owned by Independents. They formed the company about 3 years ago with 10 investors that put up a rather large sum of

Governor Wolf Announces Financial Assistance Available to Small Businesses

Harrisburg, PA – Today, Governor Tom Wolf announced that new funding is available to help small businesses impacted by the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, through a new program under the Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority’s (PIDA) Small Business First Fund, the COVID-19 Working

Guest Opinion: PBM Reform Needed to Lower Prescription Drug Costs

It’s getting harder for local, community pharmacies to survive in Pennsylvania, thanks to the grossly unfair treatment we receive from pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs). When this happens, Pennsylvanians end up paying more for their prescription drugs and have less access

Quick Tips for Pharmacies on How to Advise Patients During Coronavirus

CORONAVIRUS_Pharmacy Advice

Independent Pharmacies Launching Their Own Medicare-D Plan in Pennsylvania This Fall

CONTACT: Monique Whitney (505) 480-4150   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 9, 2020 Newly Licensed Indy Health Insurance Company Aims to Restore Trust with the Debut of an Independent Pharmacy-Owned Medicare Part D Plan HARRISBURG, PA (March 9, 2020) –

Flu Fundamentals: Planning for a Successful Flu Year

For community pharmacies, flu is not just a “season” that begins in October and runs through mid-Winter, instead flu is a year-long event that requires considerable planning. Pharmacists must begin implementing their flu plans now in order to be proactive

Bridging the Gap Between Medication Adherence & Technology

Ever calculated how much profit is lost due to unfilled prescription orders? It is projected that revenue loss for non-adherence is estimated to be $564 billion. Medication non-adherence is one of the most serious problems in healthcare, posing a heavy

Analysis Blows Lid Off $8.5 Billion PBM Scam, Says Community Pharmacy

I’d like to call your attention to an excellent analysis published yesterday by XIL Consulting, which is run by a former Express Scripts executive. The report focuses on how PBMs are manipulating the Medicare Part D system with DIR fees

Chain Pharmacies Hurt Patients by Hurting Pharmacists

Share this video on your social media accounts and your store websites.

Landmark PBM Reform Legislation Passed by PA House; Now to Senate for Consideration

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Landmark PBM Reform Legislation Passed by PA House; Now to Senate for Consideration Legislation to provide PBM transparency, lower prescription drug costs   HARRISBURG, Pa. (Jan. 29, 2020) — Your PA Community Pharmacies, a new coalition of

CBD for Pharmacy – Patients, Pets, & Profits

  CBD is everywhere. From gas stations to health food stores, even finding its way into local independent pharmacies. Studies say that by 2024, CBD will be a 20 billion1 dollar industry. This is a perfect opportunity for pharmacies to

Opioid Abuse Solutions

Watch a video here. Check for NACDS’ public policy recommendations and resources here.

Multi-store Owner Invitation

Pharmacist John O’Brien, former U.S. Department of Health and Human Services senior adviser for Drug Pricing Reform and one of the key architects of President Trump’s American Patients First blueprint, will be the marquee speaker for NCPA’s 2020 Multiple Locations Conference,

Pet Health in Your Pharmacy

You’ve heard the terms – Dog Dad, Cat Mom, Fur Babies – these titles are clear indicators on how much the owner and pet role has changed in your patient’s household. In 2019, Americans spent more than 75 billion on

Diving into the Social Sphere: Is Your Pharmacy Ready to Take the Plunge?

When you think of running an independent pharmacy, social media probably isn’t high up on your list. However, while social media isn’t as important as maintaining your inventory, it can be an incredibly powerful tool for growing and maintaining your

Independent Pharmacy In 2020: The Resurgence of Retail

“It’s A Retail Apocalypse!” “Traditional Retail is Dead!” “The Fall of Brick & Mortar!” These are just a few of the headlines we’ve experienced over the past five years and, to be fair, the introduction of online shopping giants (Amazon,

Mobile App Technology and Improving Patient Engagement: The Route to Successful Outcomes

When it comes to improving patient outcomes, experiences, or your independent pharmacy’s bottom line, success relies on your ability to provide service in a timely and efficient manner. Disruptive innovations are everywhere. The challenges these disruptions pose act like jackknifed

What PBMs Don’t Want You To Know

Pennsylvanians are losing BILLIONS of dollars every year in potential prescription drug savings. The only problem is most have no idea because they aren’t familiar with the commonwealth’s pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs). To read more: What PBMs Don’t Want You To

Your PA Community Pharmacies

Your PA Community Pharmacies is a coalition of your independent pharmacies across Pennsylvania, who take pride in being long-standing members of the community. To read more: Your PA Community Pharmacies

Local Pharmacies Pushed to Brink by Pharmacy Benefit “Monopolies” (PBMs), National Survey Shows

58 percent may close in next two years, says a national NCPA survey Read the press release here from NCPA

Use These NCPA Resources to Counsel Medicare Patients

It’s open enrollment time. Click on the links below for valuable information, list of helpful resources, and materials to help you talk to your patients. Since Keystone covers NCPA membership, members of Keystone should take advantage of the resources readily

4 Ways to Use Quality as a Brand Differentiator

Quality is quickly becoming more important to customers than price when considering a purchase. In fact, a recent study found that 53 percent of customers polled rated quality higher than price (38 percent) as a deciding factor when buying a

Three Ways to Beat Vaccine Hesitancy and Boost Your Community Health

As your pharmacy and patients jump headfirst into the school year and fast forward into flu season, it’s a good time to recover from the ongoing controversy surrounding vaccinations and refocus on their benefits to the community. To read more: KPPA_3

Breaking Down Three Critical Patient Connection Barriers – Part 2

Communication, beyond simply great services, is likely the top way for an independent pharmacy to bust through patient connection barriers. But beyond going back to grad school to master health literacy, what are key methods we can use to ensure

First Rate Patient Care Part 1: 3 Steps to Breaking Barriers

While drug makers are working to develop medications and make them more marketable, physicians and providers are doing double-duty ensuring patients receive the medications and therapies best suited for their individual needs. And these events open opportunities for community pharmacies.

Current News Coverage Summary

Your PA Community Pharmacies_Sept Your PA Community Pharmacies is a coalition of your independent pharmacies across Pennsylvania, who take pride in being long-standing members of the community.  Check out the above link for current news articles across Pennsylvania counties.

Building your Pharmacy’s Top Talent Pool

Unemployment rates in the US are at their lowest in decades. This is great news for the economy; however, it can result in complications when attempting to fill open positions in your pharmacy. Click to read more: Building Your Pharmacy’s Top