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Waivers and Exemptions Beyond The Stabalization Period

The FDA recently determined that Small Dispensers could be exempt from the Nov 2024 DSCSA requirements. Below is a link for the FDA information on the waivers and exemptions. PRS/Advasur–One of our partners through FPN– has put together a

Total Pharmacy Solutions Summit

The Total Pharmacy Solutions Summit® powered by Drug Topics® takes place on July 13th from 9 AM – 3:45 PM EDT. The highly anticipated keynote session Taking Care of Transparency in Drug Pricing, So Pharmacy Can Take Care of Patients:

ell Your Legislators PBM Reform is Urgent for Community Pharmacies and Their Patients

Help us build on the momentum of our successful Congressional Pharmacy Fly-in and keep the pressure on Congress by calling or emailing your legislators TODAY and urge them to immediately act on PBM reform by including it in the upcoming

Rising prescription drug costs pricing pharmacies out of business

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Filling a prescription is becoming harder and harder for some consumers as pharmacies are in the midst of what the industry is calling “a crisis.” Eighty pharmacies have closed in Pennsylvania since January 1st and many more closures

Philadelphia Pharmacists Raise Alarm About Industry Struggles as Rite Aid Closes More Stores

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Philadelphia pharmacists are raising an alarm about a growing trend in the industry amid Rite Aid’s announcement that it is closing several more stores in the Philadelphia region. The Philadelphia Association of Retail Druggists, or PARD, says many pharmacies

Total Pharmacy Solutions Summit

Register for Total Pharmacy’s free virtual event featuring educational sessions on strategies regarding Elevating Patient-Centric Care. This event will be held Saturday, April 13th, 2024 from 9AM – 3PM EST. Explore, learn, and earn up to 2.0 live CE credits at


PARD Board Member ChiChi Momah, owner of Springfield Pharmacy, was at the White House on March 5th for a discussion with the FTC.  Also on the panel was Mark Cuban who had some powerful comments in support of independent pharmacy. 

Congressional Pharmacy Fly-In: April 17-18, 2024

Join pharmacy owner peers for meetings with lawmakers and their staff to affect change in community pharmacy legislation, this is your chance. It’s also a chance to be in-the-know on impending actions. Last year, in his remarks to fly-in attendees, House Oversight

Tell Congress to Finish the Job on PBM Reform

Please take a moment and contact your legislators, and thank them for the progress made on PBM reform and remind them there is still work to do. PBM reform is advancing in both houses of Congress, but there is still

PA Standing Order for Naloxone

Here is a link to the PA standing order for naloxone, now including the OTC version.  As you get the OTC version in, make sure you inform your customers that this is covered by insurance 100%.  Suggest some signage. The

NCPA Unveils an Opportunity to Fight Back Against DIR Fees

ORLANDO, Fla. (Oct. 16, 2023) – The National Community Pharmacists Association on Sunday announced a major new legal initiative for pharmacies that have been victimized by the unconscionable behavior of the largest pharmacy benefit managers that NCPA says have made billions

In Case of Robbery – Steps To Take

Here is a reminder of what to do in case of robbery/looting at your pharmacy: In Case of Robbery-Keystone 2020 Updates

Fall 2023 RSV Decision Making for People 60 and Over

This resource is meant to inform on actions to take based on vaccines that are currently in stock at point of care, and vaccine co-administration strategies. Useful information in talking with adults about vaccines to prevent respiratory illnesses during cold

NCPA 2023 Annual Convention

Use promo code BUY100 to receive $100 off your registration. Register at

Updates to PHE and PREP

Attached is a summary of the updates to PHE and PREP mean to pharmacies.  It is strongly encouraged to print this out for your pharmacy staff. Updates PHE vs PREP Act

NCPA: Talk to Your Patients First Before the PBMs do!

If you don’t talk to your patients about Medicare enrollment, you can bet the PBMs and Big Insurance will. You can cut through their propaganda and help your patients choose the best plan for them by talking to them first.

NCPA Educational Reality Series, “Show Me” Featuring Gwen and Chris O’Neill of Circle Pharmacy

Save the date for Nov. 3 at 8 p.m. ET. NCPA is hosting a watch party, via Zoom and Facebook, of our new educational reality series, “Show Me.” The series is produced by the NCPA Innovation Center and made possible

FTC to Ramp Up Enforcement Against Any Illegal Rebate Schemes

The Federal Trade Commission announced that it will ramp up enforcement against any illegal bribes and rebate schemes that block patients’ access to competing lower-cost drugs. The enforcement policy statement issued today puts drug companies and prescription drug middlemen on notice that

Prices for New Drugs Are Rising 20 Percent a Year. Congress Needs to Act.

Millions of Americans are forced to ration or go without prescription drugs because of their high cost. Yet Congress has so far failed to pass legislation to lower drug prices. Read more here.

NCPA 2022 Annual Convention

Registration goes live June 14th.  Pharmacists will receive $100 off registration with promo code BUY100. ← Click on the picture to go to the registration page at NCPA.

Red Flags for Dispensing Controls

With the recent Rochester Drug decision, and multi-million dollar fines being levied on wholesalers for sending CS to pharmacies that use a disproportionate amount of CS, this will only get worse.  Wholesalers would rather cut off a questionable pharmacy than

NCPA FAQs for Over-the-Counter, At-Home COVID-19 Test Coverage and Access

How do patients get a free over-the-counter COVID-19 test? See the answer along with more FAQs provided by NCPA at the link below: ncpa-faqs-covid19-test


Open Enrollment: October 15th – December 7th Understanding Medicare Part D can be a challenge for customers and pharmacists. Keeping up to date with these changes will keep your stress to a minimum.  As 2022 is offering new plans to

Medicare Plan D 2022: Open Enrollment October 15th through December 7th 2021

Click on the link from NCPA on Medicare plan D for 2022.

NCPA Annual Convention 2021

Registration is now open! Click here to register:

Testing, Vaccinating, and Cross-Selling

Let’s face it, you’ve worked so hard to get the COVID-19 testing and vaccinating supplies into your pharmacy, and your community is incredibly thankful. Now, with summer upon us and traveling tourists needing testing done, the recent adolescent approval for

Get on Board with Technology

Historically, pharmacies have been slow to get on board with technological advances, but this is changing rapidly. The healthcare industry is in the process of being redefined by some heavy-hitting disruptions. These include increased competition, value-based care, digital health, and

Front-End Pharmacy Refresh

When it comes to your pharmacy one of the most significant opportunities to increase sales comes from your front-end. Ask yourself, is your pharmacy’s front-end in tip-top shape? Sure, you’ve straightened out and pulled items forward to make a nice,

Take Your Pharmacy’s Legislator to Work

As an independent pharmacy owner, it is essential to meet with your lawmakers and invite them to visit your pharmacy to discuss issues affecting your practice and patients. Lawmakers are elected by you as their constituents. They must hear from

Traits Utilized by Successful Independent Pharmacies

It is no secret that successful, independent pharmacies do not just happen – they are the product of dedication, hard work, exceptional customer service, and innovative thinking. But even with all these qualities, sometimes it is hard to narrow down

Retail Pharmacy Robbery Tips and Prevention

Pharmacy burglaries and robberies are on the rise. According to the DEA, in 2018, the United States saw over 676 retail burglaries and 107 armed retail robberies, with California, Maryland, and Texas being the top states with the most incidents.1

FAQs for Indy Health Insurance Company Network Pharmacies

Indy Health Insurance Company entered into a voluntary rehabilitation receivership with the Arkansas Insurance Commissioner. Additionally, CMS and Indy Health Insurance Company are working toward terminating their 2021 Medicare Part D contract. The rehabilitation process can be a very lengthy

Stop Drug Price RIP OFFS

Trends to Grow Independent Pharmacy in 2021

Growing your community pharmacy can be tricky work. Faced with a global pandemic, fierce competition, loads of red tape, and declining profit margins, many community pharmacies are taking on those shrinking profits with an end goal of growing their business

Double Your Impact for Healthy Hearts

Heart disease remains the leading killer of women in the U.S., according to the American Heart Association’s newly released 2021 Heart Disease & Stroke Statistics. Every year it kills one woman approximately every 80 seconds, taking more lives than all


Order of the Acting Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Health Directing Vaccine Providers’ Administration of COVID-19 Vaccines Effective today, the Pennsylvania Acting Secretary of Health issued a new Order to increase the administration of vaccine dosages received; ensure ease

The Hidden Force Shaping Drug Prices – WHYY

Every time you get a prescription drug, you’re dealing with a middleman you’ve probably never heard of — one who has had a hand in how much your drug costs. The same middleman decides which drugs are covered by your

The Cost Of Mail Order Rx

Consumers, employers, and public health officials should consider the potential risks before they allow health insurance companies to steer patients into mail order. See graphic by NCPA here for stats: Mail Order Details

Support Healthy Immunity Habits with Pharmacy Patients

When fully optimized, our immune system helps prevent infections and destroys viruses without us ever giving this process a second thought. We usually only consider our immune system only after we have come down with something. Keeping our immune system

Improving Medication Adherence with Your Patients

2021 is upon us, and our member pharmacies are continually looking for ways to improve their standings, profits, and pharmacy’s ability to thrive and grow. Our members can increase their chances for success by placing a good portion of time

NCPA Launches Campaign Exposing “The Truth” About PBMs

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (Oct. 20, 2020) — The National Community Pharmacists Association today launched a new campaign, “The Truth,” aimed at countering a big-money propaganda effort by the pharmacy benefit manager lobby to obscure their role in the high cost of drugs and the

COVID-19 Vaccine Plans for Pharmacies

To expand access to COVID-19 services, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has authorized state-licensed pharmacists to order and administer COVID-19 vaccinations, once they are made available, to patients aged three years and older.1 The HHS and CDC

Diabetes Care: Merchandise, Management, & Medication

Diabetes affects over 34 million people and is the seventh leading cause of deaths here in the United States. In fact, in the last 20 years, the number of adults diagnosed with diabetes has more than doubled as the American

Millennials: Shaping Healthcare in the United States

Healthcare in the United States is evolving. Factors such as politics and policy to generational differences affect how healthcare is approached. As more millennials enter the healthcare market, it’s becoming clear that their wellness approach is much different than those

3 Keyways to Present Your Pharmacy as a Good Health Destination

Independent pharmacies consistently ask themselves what they need to make their organization more professional, engaging, and, in return, more profitable. Many pharmacies stick to the same worn-out approaches and concepts, resulting in decreased revenue and increased challenges for remaining competitive

Navigating Open Enrollment for Medicare Part D

From October 15th to December 7th, customers aged 65 and older will be reviewing their medical coverage and health care needs, including Medicare Part D plans. The detailed information needed for 2021 (premiums, copays, formulary tiers, gap coverage, etc.) will

FDA Awards $5 Million Grant to Universities of Maryland and Michigan to Establish Center for Research on Complex Generics

Today the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that the Generic Drug User Fee Amendments (GDUFA) Science and Research Program has awarded a grant to the Universities of Maryland and Michigan to establish the Center for Research on Complex

Fentanyl Overdoses Associated With Counterfeit Pharmaceutical Pills

Drug overdoses remain a public health threat in Philadelphia, where 1,150 people died from unintentional overdoses in 2019. More than three- quarters of these deaths involved fentanyl, a potent synthetic opioid that is now commonly found in heroin, cocaine and

Finding Profits in Vitamins & Supplements

Nutrition and vitamin supplement sales are a big pill to swallow – and a profitable one, say health care market researchers. According to Hamacher Resource Group, supplement market value in the retail sector reached almost $7 billion in the U.S.

Indy Health 2021 Medicare Part D Annual Enrollment Benefit Webinar

  2021 Medicare Part D Annual Enrollment Benefit Training 9/21/2020 to 9/24/2020 Indy Health is excited to announce our webinars to review the Indy Health SaverRx and Indy Health EliteRx Plan information the week of September 21, 2020. The webinar