Order of the Acting Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Health Directing Vaccine Providers’ Administration of COVID-19 Vaccines

Effective today, the Pennsylvania Acting Secretary of Health issued a new Order to increase the administration of vaccine dosages received; ensure ease of scheduling appointments; reinforce specific reporting by vaccine providers, and ensure accountability in providers’ adherence to vaccine priorities. Key messaging around the Order can be found below while specifics can be found in the Order here. A companion frequently asked questions document can be found here.

• To address the limited supply of vaccine at this time, all vaccine providers will be required to administer a specific percentage of vaccine first doses received within seven days of receipt of those doses. There will be caveats for inclement weather.
• Vaccine will be administered in accordance with the current Phase of Pennsylvania’s vaccine rollout.
• For two-dose vaccines, providers will make every appropriate effort to ensure available appointment for that second dose.

• In addition to online scheduling systems and publishing appointment availability, providers must also have a phone-based registration system to schedule appointments for the administration of any applicable dose. Phone lines cannot simply direct patients to a website; scheduling over the phone must be made available for individuals who cannot access online scheduling.
• Providers will report that information to the Department for publishing on our website.

• As health equity remains a priority, vaccine providers will continue to report race and ethnicity of vaccine recipients in accordance with the Order published in December.
• Providers will enter information in the Department’s immunization registry to record receipt of vaccine and ongoing inventory levels.
• Administration of vaccine doses within 24 hours into PASIIS.

• The COVID-19 vaccination effort requires the collaboration and cooperation of leaders at all levels of government, legislators, vaccine providers, citizens, and stakeholders. It is our collective responsibility to work together to slow the spread of COVID-19 until it is curtailed. Adherence to the Order is part of that responsibility.
• The Department may reduce or suspend allocations of first doses for those vaccine providers who do not comply with the Order.

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