Month: February 2014

Fight for Your Right to Compete in Part D

It is critical that you contact Medicare and Congress by a March 7 deadline in support of a proposed rule for Part D that includes several positive elements for community pharmacists and their patients, including an any willing provider provision.

New PSE OTC Requirement – Must start by April 5, 2014

Pharmacy Manager, This email is to update you on the National Precursor Log Exchange (NPLEx) project in Pennsylvania.  In compliance with HB 602 Act 53 the state has contracted Appriss to deliver NPLEx to all pharmacies/retailers within Pennsylvania.  The NPLEx

AUTO-FILL Regulations Part D Plans

I would advise pharmacy providers to read their contracts carefully, because this is a contractual issue between them and the Part D sponsors. However, if you read the high-lighted section, it should answer most of your questions. SUBJECT: Clarifications to


I have been receiving calls at the office about the PSAO’s and the fact that they are signing contracts on your behalf THAT YOU ARE NOT HAPPY WITH. In most cases these PSAO’s have a committee made up of store