Month: June 2020

4 Easy Ways for Pharmacists to Use LinkedIn

With over 560 million professionals around the globe using LinkedIn today, it is an industry standard for business-based, peer-to-peer social media platforms. It’s become a no-nonsense way for professionals to network themselves, build their brands and credibility, and cultivate thought

Public Hearing for HB941 and Medicaid Pharmacy Reimbursement

Senate Health and Human Services Committee 6/22/20, 10:00 a.m., Senate Chamber and Virtual Participation The committee held a public hearing on HB 941 and Medicaid pharmacy reimbursement. Video testimony here:  

Community Leaders Take a Stand For Local Businesses After Riots and Looting in Philadelphia

Posted by Marvin C. Knapper Jr. on Sunday, June 7, 2020

What To Do If Your Store Has Suffered a Loss

Due to the unfortunate events that have occurred over the last 24 hours in the city of Philadelphia, we have put together a list of documents and information for those stores that have suffered losses through the rioting and looting.

Re-opening Retail Pharmacy: Tips to Help You Prepare

With stay-at-home orders starting to lift, restrictions on businesses and public places easing, and states implementing re-opening phases, many pharmacies are left wondering just how their business can resume “normalcy” and open their doors back up to their patients and