What To Do If Your Store Has Suffered a Loss

Due to the unfortunate events that have occurred over the last 24 hours in the city of Philadelphia, we have put together a list of documents and information for those stores that have suffered losses through the rioting and looting.

In Case of Robbery-Keystone 2020 Updates


From the Pennsylvania State Board of Pharmacy:

The Board offices are closed with the staff working remotely so there is currently no phone service. E-mail is the best way to contact the Board office.

Please contact the Philadelphia DEA office for direction on the DEA’s requirements.

With regard to the Board of Pharmacy, how to proceed would be dependent on each pharmacy’s situation and the damage incurred. Please direct each pharmacy to have a representative e-mail the Board office and describe their situation. Information should include:

  1. Copy of the DEA theft/loss form, if controlled substances were stolen/destroyed. This may be provided later if it will take time for the pharmacy to complete the
  2. Describe the damage to the pharmacy including whether there was a loss of any records and medications.
  3. Outline the pharmacy’s plans for moving
    • If damage can be easily repaired, provide the time frame for completion of the repairs.
    • If the pharmacy was damaged such that it must temporarily close but wishes to re-open at the same location, please identify the time frame. If the pharmacy would decide to remodel (i.e. substantial alterations in the layout of fixtures) since construction must be done, a remodeling application would be required. The staff would expedite this application. Simple repairs (ex. replace windows, replace damaged door) do not require an application but substantial changes to the layout or fixtures.
    • If the pharmacy would need to relocate because it is not possible to re-open at the same location (this would include the use of a temporary trailer), a change in location application would be required. The Board office staff will expedite the processing of the application.
    • Other situations should be described with the time frame.

The Board office may required additional information depending on the situation and how the pharmacy wishes to proceed. We will do our best to try to expedite any necessary applications. However, given the number of pharmacies involved, it may take some time to review multiple applications. Again, simple repairs to the pharmacy such as replacing windows and doors would not require an application but remodels and change in locations would require an application.


Pennsylvania State Board of Pharmacy
Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs
PO Box 2649
Harrisburg, PA 17105-2649
Phone: 717-783-7156
Fax: 717-787-7769

From the DEA:



DEA in case of Robbery


From Temple University School of Pharmacy:

Please take the liberty of offering the assistance of Temple University School of Pharmacy to Philadelphia area pharmacies that still need help with cleanup from looting.

I will be the contact. My number is 267-210-6369.

Katie Battista, MS
Assistant Dean of Marketing and Communications
Temple University School of Pharmacy