Month: March 2021

Traits Utilized by Successful Independent Pharmacies

It is no secret that successful, independent pharmacies do not just happen – they are the product of dedication, hard work, exceptional customer service, and innovative thinking. But even with all these qualities, sometimes it is hard to narrow down

Retail Pharmacy Robbery Tips and Prevention

Pharmacy burglaries and robberies are on the rise. According to the DEA, in 2018, the United States saw over 676 retail burglaries and 107 armed retail robberies, with California, Maryland, and Texas being the top states with the most incidents.1

FAQs for Indy Health Insurance Company Network Pharmacies

Indy Health Insurance Company entered into a voluntary rehabilitation receivership with the Arkansas Insurance Commissioner. Additionally, CMS and Indy Health Insurance Company are working toward terminating their 2021 Medicare Part D contract. The rehabilitation process can be a very lengthy

Stop Drug Price RIP OFFS

Trends to Grow Independent Pharmacy in 2021

Growing your community pharmacy can be tricky work. Faced with a global pandemic, fierce competition, loads of red tape, and declining profit margins, many community pharmacies are taking on those shrinking profits with an end goal of growing their business