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House Bill 941, now known as Act 120, was passed into law. This law addresses fairness and transparency in the PA Medicaid Program. In addition, it requires that a study be done on the Medicaid prescription program. We expect this to show lack of transparency and mis-management of the Commonwealth’s funds, as well as inappropriate pay to pharmacies. The study is in the process of being done, but pressure needs to be put on regulatory agencies to finish it. In addition, the race for the PA governor is on the horizon, and PARD is positioning itself to be heard.

We need your commitment and your participation. We will have opposition that is well funded, and we need your help. Please consider donating to PhilPAC. With a monthly contribution, consider it taking your profession and business out to lunch. Currently, we have less than 20% of membership contributing to PhilPAC. Please help us help your business with a stronger voice in Harrisburg.

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