4 Easy Ways for Pharmacists to Use LinkedIn

With over 560 million professionals around the globe using LinkedIn today, it is an industry standard for business-based, peer-to-peer social media platforms. It’s become a no-nonsense way for professionals to network themselves, build their brands and credibility, and cultivate thought leadership.

While your independent pharmacy is probably not looking to connect with 560+ million contacts, it can benefit significantly from LinkedIn’s deep reach within your own community.

Through thoughtful and active participation in LinkedIn, you can connect with other health care professionals in your community. With these connections, your pharmacy can seek out and build partnerships plus business opportunities, access and share content relevant to your industry and community such as news, opinion pieces, and peer reviewed research, and become visible in pharmacy-driven conversations.

How can you do it? We will share four easy ways of using LinkedIn to your full advantage.

KPPA_Easy Ways to Use LinkedIn