Philadelphia Pharmacists Raise Alarm About Industry Struggles as Rite Aid Closes More Stores

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Philadelphia pharmacists are raising an alarm about a growing trend in the industry amid Rite Aid’s announcement that it is closing several more stores in the Philadelphia region.

The Philadelphia Association of Retail Druggists, or PARD, says many pharmacies are losing money on prescription reimbursements, causing many stores to shut down.

“We lost $3.89,” said pharmacist Brad Tabacc, showing the receipt of one prescription he filled this week. “Here’s one we lost $20.80.”

“How long can you continue to lose money in the hopes that we’ll get some reform?” asked Tabacc, who has been the pharmacy manager at Friendly Pharmacy in Kensington for decades.

He says reforms need to happen. Otherwise, he could end up closed too.

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