Testing, Vaccinating, and Cross-Selling

Let’s face it, you’ve worked so hard to get the COVID-19 testing and vaccinating supplies into your pharmacy, and your community is incredibly thankful. Now, with summer upon us and traveling tourists needing testing done, the recent adolescent approval for vaccines, and the potential for future booster vaccines, we predict the demand for testing and vaccinating will not slow down any time soon. Therefore, there will never be a better time for pharmacies to offer both testing and vaccinating to attract new customers into their pharmacy and retain the connection between their existing customers. Offering these services also gives your pharmacy the advantage to cross-sell and promote other products and services to gain additional profit.

Cross-selling allows your pharmacy to service any additional needs of the pharmacy customer and decreases the need for that customer to consider your competitor’s products and services. For instance, if someone visits your pharmacy for a COVID-19 test, this would also be a good time to alert them that your pharmacy is also administering vaccinations, compounding services, weight management programs, etc. Here are some tips on promoting vaccines and testing while incorporating cross-selling tactics for growing your bottom line and accelerating your path to additional profit.

See tips here: KPPA_Testing, Vaccinating, & Cross-Selling