Improving Medication Adherence with Your Patients

2021 is upon us, and our member pharmacies are continually looking for ways to improve their standings, profits, and pharmacy’s ability to thrive and grow. Our members can increase their chances for success by placing a good portion of time and energy into patient adherence.

In addition to readmission and poor patient outcomes, medication non-adherence is acknowledged as a reason behind failure rates when treating chronic conditions and adverse medication reactions. These negative consequences can be critical drivers to escalating healthcare costs – which also means it can be the perfect opportunity for independent pharmacies to put their knowledge and expertise to work, securing their ability to grow.

As a community pharmacy, you are accessible, and you are the expert. You also have the stage to guide your customers’ ability to understand their medications and how they work to treat them and know how to take those medications effectively. Here are a few tips which can help you do just that:

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