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Pharmacist at the Center of Preventive Care

With today’s alarming shortage of primary care physicians, and with 30 million more Americans entering the system with the passage of the Affordable Care Act, doctors are seeing more patients but spending far less time counseling them. As the most trusted and accessible healthcare professionals, pharmacists are filling this gap as the new foot soldiers in the battle for prevention and improving the health of millions of Americans.

We at PrescribeWellness believe that the retail pharmacist is the only healthcare professional that qualifies on all fronts to be the leader in preventive healthcare services. We have applied for funding under the CMS Health Care Innovation Awards to test a pharmacist-driven model of patient intervention to prevent and manage diabetes in Medicare and Medicaid populations. Our application proposes a new payment model in which Pharmacists are reimbursed for providing life-saving preventive healthcare services.

Support our Application

We ask you to support our application to demonstrate to Centers of Medicaid & Medicare Services (CMS) the urgency of solidifying a payment model that will reimburse a pharmacist for providing these services and recognize the importance of the expanded role Pharmacists can play improving the health and wellness of their communities.

Please take a moment to complete the “Letter of Support” and take steps to get Pharmacists the recognition they deserve. The link to the “Letter of Support” can be found at

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Al Babbington
PrescribeWellness, CEO