Indy Health Webinar April 16, 2020 at 7:15 PM

PARD and IPBG has been in communication with Indy Health to identify a Medicare Part D plan that is owned by Independents. They formed the company about 3 years ago with 10 investors that put up a rather large sum of money to help Independents and making the Independent the preferred stores, not the chains.  Indy Health Inc., is a 100% independent pharmacy organization-owned Medicare Part D plan built on the nation’s network of over 20,000 + pharmacies. It is in their by-laws that their plan is to ALWAYS be majority-owned and managed by independent pharmacy owners and independent-related organizations.  Their business plan is to roll out this Part D plan in October and are approved in 6 states….Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.   

Their goal is to be nationwide as this Plan becomes more popularIf you have an interest, you can either invest in Indy Health as a shareholder or, at the minimum, endorse the plan to as many customers as possible to offer you a better chance of survival through better reimbursements with No DIR fees. We personally think it is a great opportunity to invest in the company and get in “at the ground level.”  Requirements for investing exist and will be discussed during the webinar.

IPBG in co-operation with Mel Brodsky from PARD has organized this webinar, with Indy Health, so that you can hear all the pertinent topics about the Plan and also ask any questions about investing.  The date is April 16th at 7:15 pm.  The webinar is only for our Pennsylvania members.  This offer is not be optional…but…mandatory for we are all in SURVIVAL mode.  Let’s not allow the PBMs to slowly kill our business by stealing our profits.  This could be an investment for all of us now and in the future.

More info is available on their web-site…