Invite Your Legislator for a Pharmacy Visit Over the Memorial Day Recess

Congress will be in recess from May 26-June 5 for the Memorial Day holiday. Many legislators will be in their districts meeting with constituents and attending local events. This is an opportune time to engage your legislators and invite them to visit your pharmacy to learn more about the role you play in the local health care system, understand some of the challenges you face, and to advocate for common sense solutions.

If you are unable to host your legislator in your pharmacy, still take a few moments and visit the NCPA Legislative Action Center to send them emails to voice support for key legislation to bring greater transparency and consumer choice to federal health programs.

Urge them to cosponsor legislation such as S. 413/H.R. 1038, the Improving Transparency and Accuracy in Medicare Part D Drug Spending Act, which would address retroactive DIR fees; H.R. 1316, the Prescription Drug Price Transparency Act, which would bring greater transparency to MAC pricing; and S. 1044/H.R. 1939, the Ensuring Seniors Access to Local Pharmacies Act, which would enhance seniors’ pharmacy choice by allowing more pharmacies to participate as preferred providers under Medicare.

Please click here for more information on hosting a pharmacy visit or contact Michael Rule at for assistance.