USP <800> Assessment of Risk Templates Available Now

NCPA has developed a blank USP <800> risk assessment template, and a sample template for testosterone, to help you create your own risk assessments for each hazardous drug as required by USP <800>. USP General Chapter <800>’s implementation date is coming up on Dec. 1, 2019. Under USP <800>, certain hazardous drugs on the NIOSH list must follow the chapter’s containment requirements unless an assessment of risk is performed and implemented. USP defines an assessment of risk as an “evaluation of risk to determine alternative containment strategies and/or work practices.” The assessment of risk of these hazardous drugs must be documented every 12 months. The assessment of risk must, at a minimum, consider the following: type of hazardous drug (e.g., antineoplastic, non-antineoplastic, reproductive risk primarily; dosage form; risk of exposure; packaging; and manipulation). If an assessment of risk approach is taken, the entity must document what alternative containment strategies and/or work practices are being employed for specific dosage forms to minimize occupational exposure. Access the USP 800 Risk Assessment Templates here.