Warning: Be alert to any unwarranted phone calls or deliveries from Xtreme Office Products

The picture attached is from an invoice on an ink cartridge for Lexmark printer at Whitehall Pharmacy. The pharmacy did not order this and when they called to say they did not order it and it was the wrong size anyway, the pharmacy was told they would be charged a restocking fee. Rikin’s staff explained they did not order it and asked why it was sent. The company on the invoice explained that they received the pharmacy name and address from Lexmark and were told to ship a cartridge to the pharmacy. Staff has told this company that they do not need any supplies yet they send incorrect items and charge the pharmacy. Be alert on any phone calls you may receive from reps from Xtreme Office Products. If you get a delivery from this company and didn’t authorize it, refuse the package. They currently have a 1 star rating with the BBB for poor business practices similar to this situation.

printer ink invoice

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