ATTENTION: Avoid Take-Backs on Pre-Printed DEA Numbers on Prescription Forms!

PPA is aware of instances where auditing entities are denying claims and recouping 100% of the claim and refills for prescriptions that have a preprinted DEA number on them. They are citing PA Controlled Substance Requirement 25.53(e), which prohibits preprinting of the DEA number, as the legal justification for chargebacks. Click here to view a copy of this.

We want to alert you of this increased focus by third-party auditors and remind you that DEA registration numbers cannot be preprinted on the prescription form. Unfortunately, the pharmacy is bearing the full burden of this “error” with no repercussions to the prescriber who issued an “invalid prescription.” PPA is pursuing ways to remind prescribers through their associations about the restriction on preprinted DEA numbers.